Maintaining the Landscape


Maintaining a Lovely Lawn

There is nothing sweeter to smell than fresh cut grass in the opinion of many, but maintaining a beautiful lawn takes much more than just cutting it on a regular basis. It can often be invaded by weeds, and they can be a costly maintenance item if left untreated. Maintenance for a lawn also includes proper watering as well as fertilization on a yearly basis. If it is done correctly, taking care of a lawn can be easy if everything it nipped before it causes issues.

Weeds have long been a plague when it comes to lawns, and they are an invasion that makes most military maneuvers look faint. If even one weed is allowed to grow, it can multiply until the entire lawn is nothing more than a former dream. Weeds often grow faster than the planted grass because they are hardy breeds that are used to surviving on little nourishment or water, so they make the lawn look as if it needs mowing much quicker. Using a good herbicide to keep weeds at bay is the best remedy.

Watering has come into focus lately in many areas, and it has been noted that many people overwater their lawn. When dry weather strikes, the lawn fails to prosper because overwatering causes it to have shallow roots. Watering only when absolutely necessary is the best way to keep a lawn healthy, and it will avoid costly water bills. It will also give the lawn a better chance to regenerate after a dry season.

Fertilization has many proponents, but not everyone uses it on a regular basis. There are often arguments about the best time of year to add nourishment, and how much to use has been an issue. Researching what is best for the type of grass as well as the local area is the best way to ensure a healthy lawn that can resist drought and fight off weed invasions.