Maintaining the Landscape


Selecting Plants for the Pond

One of the modern amenities of new homes with land is adding a water feature, but many people fail to understand how complex it can be to create a functional one. Rain is often a part of the local weather systems, and it can fill a water feature to overflowing if there is no planned outlet, and it can eventually flood the home of part of the yard. Keeping it looking beautiful and functional takes good planning and maintenance, so selecting plants for the pond in the backyard can be one way homeowners increase the value of their property.

Many small ponds get filled in because it takes too much time to maintain them in good condition, but that does not have to be the case today. Selecting the right plants for a small water feature can help filter the water, and it can attract the right animals to create a lovely setting. Some ponds are completely artificial and require mechanical assistance to function, but these can be covered up with small bushes or shrubs to make them look natural.

Planting grass around a sunken water feature is a good way to help filter rain water, but it can also help keep the groundwater from becoming contaminated. Adding decorative plants that need plenty of water for growth can keep the feature from overflowing after all but the heaviest downpours. Even choosing a few plants that will attract local animals is a good way to create a natural scene that can be enjoyed all during the year.

While plants are a good feature to help nature with its housekeeping, a small pond or water feature could need additional assistance. Consulting an expert will help homeowners add value to their property while keeping maintenance issues in perspective if they know what their best choices will be for their lifestyle.