Maintaining the Landscape

When Roots Go Wild


Trees are a beautiful addition to many landscapes, but their growth can pose a danger over time. Some trees get too tall, and a good soaking can have them toppling over during a bad windstorm. The roots may not be deep enough to hold the tree in place. When a tree comes crashing down, it can crush anything in its path. Another issue with trees is when the roots go wild. They can grow into underground utility connections, and then the real issues from lack of maintenance can come home to roost.

Water is an important component of any modern household, and many people take it for granted. Trees can grow around water lines, and they sometimes grow into them. It can cause leaks that may contaminate water coming into the house, and it can stop water from leaving the home. Both of these are issues that need to be addressed before they cause the plumbing to stop working.

Planting trees may seem easy enough, but looking around for utility lines should be the first step. While roots do not always tend to interfere with electric lines coming into a house, they can present an issue by growing over or under them. Utility lines do need to be replaced on occasion, and updating them can be more expensive when trees roots have to first be cut before the work can be started. It might seem a small issue when a new tree is planted, but the years will provide for growth of them under the soil as they soar into the sky.

Maintaining a landscape should always start with a plan on what the area will look like in a few years. Trees that grow too tall or have creeping roots can become a future issue. Keeping them far enough away from the house and utility lines after they have had a chance to mature is important, and it should be a consideration to cut down on maintenance in the future.