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Curb appeal has become an important measure of real estate value, but it is just one of the few reasons property owners need to keep the outside of their property in great shape. Lack of maintenance outside can cause a variety of issues that will escalate as time goes by, so keeping up with trimming trees, shrubs and bushes is necessary. A beautiful lawn is lovely, but failure to mow it on a regular basis can add to the headaches of property ownership. Even keeping a garden under control is best for those who want fewer issues with their landscape.

Water features have become easy to buy and install, but they do require at least minimal maintenance. Water is good for many things, but stagnant pools create a host of issues. Even running water can have its own share of problems, so keeping up with any water features on a property assumes importance. When all is said and done, curb appeal is just a small part of the reason to maintain a landscape.