Maintaining the Landscape

The Importance of Proper Tree Care


While mature trees are a mark of good landscaping and longevity of a property, caring for them can become an issue. Many people believe that age and extreme weather events are often the culprits to knocking trees onto buildings, but flooding is actually a bigger danger. While many trees do suffer from age and weather issues, they can usually stand up to them. Flooding takes trees down from the roots, and that can cause them to crash through the roof of any nearby structure.

When an area floods, trees are some of the most susceptible plants. Their roots become detached from the soil, and even the slightest wind can uproot them. During times of flooding, it is best to take precautions beforehand, and brace trees with shallow roots so they can remain upright. Trees that are older or have other issues should be cut down in anticipation of flooding issues before the rainy season begins. Taking proactive measures will save anything that might be damaged in the path of a fallen tree.